Thursday, March 14, 2019

Vos water task force schedules 2 no-public-testimony hearings

For your information, the so-called water quality hearings are for your information only.

WI GOP Assembly Speaker and shadow governor Robin Vos' 

Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
legislators'-only water quality task force I wrote about last month - -
Vos water task force stars Republicans weak on pollution
will meet twice in the next few weeks. 

Here's the schedule and the key lines in need of proof-reading in the official notices:

Following completion of all presentations listed above. The Committee will have the opportunity to ask questions of a panel that will include a representative of each department. The committee will not hear public testimony at this hearing. 
_________Representative Todd Novak Chair
And, look, I know the water issues in Wisconsin are at a crisis stage, and good information is important, but I'd sure like to hear from the people in Kewaunee County:
One-third of wells in Kewaunee County unsafe for drinking water
Nancy Utesch, a long-time Kewaunee County clean water activist, sent along some comments and an update:

We in Kewaunee County share a commonality with Juneau County residents who are being poisoned through agricultural practices. 

We asked the US Environmental Protection Agency for an investigation into the cause and source of well water contamination in our 2014 Safe Drinking Water Act petition, but the EPA has yet to address it. 

Central Sands has the Wysocki CAFO. We have 16 CAFOs. Wisconsin should long ago have stopped acting confused as to the cause and source of known, widespread contamination and moved instead to protect Kewaunee County residents and water resources of people statewide. 
Or in the Central Sands region, where people face the crisis every day and have a lot of information to share:
From the Minnesota Star Tribune comes this heartbreaking, infuriating story about the all-too-familiar water quality issues in rural Wisconsin's Central Sands:
WATER PRESSURE second in a three-part series
Wis. residents take on state and powerful ag industry

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