Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Huge solar energy storage project suggests greener, cleaner WI

It looks like market forces are merging nicely with a new Wisconsin state government that is  emerging from Scott Walker's hostility to renewable energy.
Proposed Kenosha County solar farm could feature Wisconsin's first utility-scale battery
I remember writing this after Walker's 2014's re-election:
Now that the election is over, Walker's pro-business Public Service [Sic] Commission majority is beginning to roll out new mandatory charges on all customers of the state's pro-GOP monopoly utilities that are designed to increase profits and discourage solar and other alternative power generation.
More of the rigged game.
And I wrote near the mid-point of Walker's eight-year embrace of fossil fuels about...
the administration's disdain for research and science when it comes to air pollution, climate change or water quality - - and wind farms and solar installations - - and even a major UW-Madison energy research program...
The struggle is not over - - as Milwaukee's new solar installations still face obstacles put up by the major utilities and a slow-to-react PSC - - but the public wants greener energy and Wisconsin courts and elected officials will come to their senses or lose their jobs. 
Wisconsin wind farm, east of Waupun
Renewable energy can now be stored in large batteries.

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