Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ron Johnson bad-mouths socialism. Except when socialism works for him.

When it comes to the GOP's latest plays of the socialism card, Sen. Ron Johnson - - like Scott Walker - -  has a tendency towards double-standards.

Johnson says the The Democratic Party chose Milwaukee for its "socialistic tendencies" - - but I don't recall any such negativity when Johnson's company received $4 million in low-interest lending through a government-sponsored financing program, and, separately, benefited from a $75,000 federal grant for rail line construction.

Those are some big bucks from some sweet big government programs or perks

Again, it was just business as usual when Johnson withheld crucial support for the Trump tax-cut bill until changes were made to provide enhanced deductions to businesses structured like the Johnson family business:
Johnson also has been silent on the issue of how he might personally benefit from the increased deduction on pass-through income.
Republicans don't dislike big government and socialism; they just want to make sure they get to choose whose needs are socialized.
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