Sunday, March 17, 2019

Madison on cusp of 100% renewable energy action

Given the cascade of ominous warnings about looming climate change devastation, it's great to see the City of Madison poised to do- - emphasis on the word "do" - -  something profound:
After two years of study, the City Council on Tuesday will consider recommendations from a consultant and the city’s Sustainable Madison Committee on how to achieve 100 percent renewable energy and zero net carbon emissions by 2030 through an array of actions including energy-efficient buildings, solar power and electric buses.
In 2017, Madison became the first city in the state and 25th in North America to set a goal of 100 percent renewable energy and zero net carbon emissions...
In early February, Mayor Paul Soglin and 10 City Council members offered a resolution to accept the recommendations and timeline. The resolution has been approved by five city committees leading to the council’s review on Tuesday. 
Wisconsin wind farm, east of Waupun
This wind farm east of Waupun managed to get built despite the Walker administration's hostility to wind and solar power.
Madison is also the only major Wisconsin city to completely replace its lead pipe water service lines. 

The proposed sustainable energy commitment would require substantial upfront costs that are also projected to produce larger, long-term savings.

And as Wisconsin suffers through late winter flooding that brings back memories of 2018's widespread, repetitive and fatal flooding - - and similar statewide in l recent years as predicted by known science - - you have to also consider what the costs in lives and property will be if people and so-called leaders do nothing.

Or like former Gov. Walker and his lead legislative science cudgel Tom Tiffany, do worse

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