Saturday, March 30, 2019

Penzeys, 2020 Dem. Nat'l Conv. are a natural match

I have no idea how these things get arranged, but Penzeys ought to be embraced by the DNC. The business and the ownership are among the clever, principled and effective local institutions which we love. From Facebook: 

Free $22.95 Salt & Pepper Time Box w $1 purchase—Mueller Report Not a Nothing Burger Recipe! —
It’s Salt & Pepper time, time to admit what’s clearly on the table before us. In the wake of the Mueller report (even the doctored 4-page Attorney General spin version), the reality we must face going is that our president is a Crook. And the problem for America is that he’s not just a run-of-the-mill crook, but instead one quite skilled at directing others to commit his crimes while pretending his innocence. 

The research says people with cooking in their lives go on to better futures, but the research so far doesn’t quite know why. My thought is that a life surrounded with the goodness that is cooking leaves us better able to see paths that lead towards positive outcomes while avoiding the negative ones. In many ways our time around the dinner table leaves us better able to tell right from wrong. Yes, as Lincoln said, we can all be fooled some of the time, but Cooks, time and again, lead the way into the can’t be fooled all the time category.
Take a Cook’s-eye look at the president’s actual words to the Russians about his opponent’s emails at a point where his campaign already had multiple contacts with the Russians expressing their desire to help make his election a reality. Does he actually say I’m entering into an agreement to commit election interference? No, he is too skilled for that, but it is those very skills that betrays his true nature. What should we make of his actions? As the Voice Of Cooking, let us be the first to say: Crook-Crooked-Crookedly-Crook. 
Please sign up for our Penzeys Voice Of Cooking email list here:
And now that Crook-Crooked-Crookedly-Crook has been said, it’s time to get on to redoubling our efforts to make sure every possible American turns out to vote 11.3.20. As we’ve learned before, a good message travels far, but a good message tied to a really good free offer knows no limits. So through Saturday at midnight, $22.95 Salt & Pepper Time gift boxes free with any purchase. These boxes contain full half-cup-sized jars of our tasty Seasoned Salt and World’s Best Penzeys Pepper. And of course for each jar of Penzeys Pepper sold or given in an offer like this another is given to those who work to feed those in need. 
In addition to the two half-cup jars, the Salt & Pepper Time contains our new Embrace Hope refrigerator/bumper magnet, tip cards, Victory pin and three I Will Vote 11.3.20 Heart stickers—one to keep two to share. This really is a $22.95 value free with any purchase. You can see the Salt & Pepper Time box here:…/salt-pepper-tim…/c-24/p-3189/pd-gb
And please check out our Mueller Report Something Burger with its No Secrets Sauce so worth sharing. You can find the recipe here:…/mueller-something-burger-with-no…/
At a hearty 1/3 of a pound, this is no Nothing Burger by any means. In addition to our Seasoned Salt and Penzeys Pepper, partially inspired by the commenter from our last post, “Flash Gorski,” this recipe calls for a dollop of sour cream seasoned with Marjoram and/or our tasty Krakow Nights Seasoning as a reminder that selling out our allies to please dictators is not a victimless crime. We have both on sale in 1/4-cup jars for just $1 each. And yes, just the purchase of a regularly $2.29 Marjoram or $4.29 Krakow Nights for just $1 qualifies you for your free Salt & Pepper box.
If there is some silver lining to all this, it is the very real reminder that America honestly does matter. Why else would Russia go to such lengths or take such risks? I know it’s always trendy to push the idea that America does more harm than good, but that simply isn’t the truth. Our Spice business takes us to the far corners of the globe where we’ve seen first-hand the way America has been able to expand the free world and diminish the power of dictators. For billions of people, America matters. Our president was put in office in part to send the world the message that America can’t be trusted. We must show the world that simply isn’t true.
To get your coupon to use in any of our stores Saturday for your free-with-any-purchase $22.95 Salt & Pepper Time gift box please click this link: This will also put you on our Voice Of Cooking email list that you can opt out of at any time, but don’t because our emailing list is the place to be. Trust me, it’s not like other email lists. We try hard to be good. If you enjoy being on our Voice Of Cooking email list, mentioning why in the comments below would be most helpful. 
No coupon or codes are needed in the stores or online for the regularly $2.29 Marjoram or $4.29 Krakow Nights for just $1 each. These two are automatic for everyone. 
Online at, for your free $22.95 Salt & Pepper Time box, after any spending at all, simply enter “Crook” into the apply code box at checkout. It’s easy and there’s no need to place the box in your cart, the Crook code will do that for you automatically and for free. Additional boxes are available for just $5 each, a price we hope to be able to honor through Sunday, April 7. I like the idea of a “Salt & Pepper week at Penzeys” because this reminder of what the president is needs repeating. But this is a while-supplies-last offer and, though we are well stocked, these offers have a habit of taking off on us. In other words, act now!
In our stores, with the coupon linked to above, Saturday you really can get this $22.95 box free with just a $1 purchase. Online there is still shipping and handling to deal with. To try and help, this weekend we’ve reduced our usually $40 spending minimum for free shipping to just $25. 
And please start talking up the 11.3.20 election now, and any election before then, too. (Tuesday here in Wisconsin we have a Supreme Court race where a Scott “Fox Conn” Walker-appointed judge is up against someone Walker didn’t appoint. Please Vote Your Heart.) I’m guessing, should the real Mueller report ever get released in full, impeachment will very much be back on the table, but we can’t count on that. The obstruction has now spread to the Attorney General and the entire Republican Party. I fear we can no longer count on them to do the right thing.
Please share your extra I will Vote 11.3.20 Heart stickers, ideally with those you know that don’t usually vote. Your encouragement means everything. Cooking is a very cool thing. Taking time to care for those around you honestly does set better futures in motion. If cooking has yet to click for you, you need this box. Cooks know what happily ever after is really like. Yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s also flat-out wonderful. This box really is a giant leap for cooking kindness. Get yours now. 
If you are already a Cook, never doubt your ability to encourage others. You are admired. Your voice counts. Please use your voice to encourage others to make a positive difference in America and the world come 11.3.20. 
Thanks for your support, which keeps us in business even though we say things like: Crook-Crooked-Crookedly-Crook 🙂
p.s. Please help us. Our belief that cooking is what happens when you care about people puts our posts into the political category. You can help offset the extra barriers this brings with it by liking and sharing this post, but equally important are your comments. It’s time for us to be honest about what our president truly is. Please help spread the word. This matters.

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Minnesconsin Tom said...

For the record, I dislike any business with a political axe to grind. It annoys me when conservatives do it, and also when progressives do it.

For one thing, I don’t understand it. Why any business owner whose livelihood depends on making a profit would do something that instantly alienates half of their customers is beyond me. Of course I agree with owners of Penzeys politically, but whenever do go into their local store I find myself thinking, “Shut up and give me my chili powder.”