Saturday, March 2, 2019

Scott Walker likes socialism when it doles benefits his way

[Updated from 3/2/19] If you follow the life and times of Scott Walker on Twitter, you will find attacks on socialism aimed at Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others.

You will also see all the socialism Walker regularly touts and enjoys, from travels from his downtown Milwaukee digs enriched by government-funded TIF districts, parks and protective services, to travels on 100% publicly-financed roads to airports where public employees from sheriff deputies to TSA agents to air traffic controllers move Walker and the government-certified airplanes he boards from one vacation spot and speaking gig to another.

Then back to Milwaukee, where Walker takes in Bucks games close to the city-created RiverWalk near the heavily-subsidized new basketball arena and city-supported entertainment district.

All protected by city-paid police and fire personnel.

In a few weeks, Walker can use more 100% government-financed roads to get to the heavily publicly-supported baseball stadium, and ditto for fall travel to Lambeau Field which got a big boost from public funding.

The same kind of public funding that has paid his salaries and provided his benefits for the last quarter-century.

Update: And let's not forget the Walker donors and insiders to whom Walker moved public dollars or privileges.

Walker is against what he calls socialism and big government when it suits his political convenience, but socialism, government spending and every public perk within his are reach are just fine with Walker when his schedules and personal needs demand it.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules and words don't apply to us" - 21st Century GOP motto.

It's amazing and insulting to see how dumb Walker thinks people are. You know we can use the Internet for something other than shooting off our mouths, right Scotty?