Thursday, March 21, 2019

Will Foxconn still build that fantasyland-cum-ecoysystem?

After weeks of uncertainty and a Trumpian intervention, Foxconn now says it will resume construction at its Mt. Pleasant site later this year

(A complete Foxconn archive is here.)

I wonder it it still intends to 'curate an ecosystem,' let alone build the fantasyland it portrayed in a promotion video, described and linked, here.
The company has released a four-minute promotional video - - YouTube link, here - - which suggests that what's planned for 3,000 acres rural acres has literally sprawled from an out-sized factory into a futuristic, state-subsidized, Super-Suburban, diverted Great Lakes water-driven factory town including hotels, houses, medical facilities and additional commercial space - - a sort of Sprawlville meets Tommy Bartlett's Robot World meets Versailles meets DisneyWorld meets One of The West's Biggest-Ever-Spec-Business Parks.
Some images of what's coming to Mt. Pleasant, per the company video...(screenshot, below):

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