Wednesday, February 13, 2019

WI GOP dips toe in brown, green, dead waters. Color me unimpressed.

Beware Robin Vos bearing gifts.

After eight years of ignoring known data about rural well contamination

Manure flow from a Kewaunee County Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, (CAFO).

and giving away groundwater on the hand-delivered direction of big corporate/donor users - - 

-  - and enabling Lake Michigan dead zones and more green algae pollution, and shrugging off 'brown water' events, and coordinating pro-industry water, land and power grabs with the now-defeated Attorney General, GOP Assembly Speaker Vos has convened with the cooperation of fawning underlings a task force to look into pre-empt Gov. Evers on the issues.

As I noted last month:
Vos awakens from long slumber on rural ag water pollution
Are legislative Republicans now told to include these kinds of Dear Leader compliments in official news releases, a la Team Trump, or do they do it on their own? If so, sad:
Thank you to Speaker Vos for allowing us this opportunity to dig deeper into this important issue.
Message to colleagues. CYA.

Message to polluters: We still have your back.

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