Thursday, February 14, 2019

Republicans and their self-inflicted wounds

Trump is probably the only person in DC or the political world who doesn't understand that he's the one responsible for the garbage-barge
that's emptying on his Presidency.

No history of pathological lying, soulless rapacity, secret dealing with Russia, inner circle of dishonest and corrupt friends, payoffs through Michael Cohen, Comey firing - - 
James Comey official portrait.jpg
- - witness tampering signaled to Manafort, and no long-term Putin bromance, well then, no Democratic capture of the US House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi empowerment, fresh round of investigators armed with subpeonas, House committee chairs named Schiff, Nadler and Cummings, et al, wall funding collapse, likely emergency declaration collapse, and on and on.

You broke it, you own it.

Ditto for Walker:

No John Doe slipperiness and credibility drain, no Act 10 bomb-dropping, no 250,000 new jobs pledge-cum-fiasco, no pressure to throw the Foxconn Hail Mary which reinforced his credibility deficits, no traction in polls, on the campaign trail or at the ballot box.

Sure, this is an oversimplification. But Trump and Walker's arrogance and delusions in the face of facts in plain sight don't rule out other factors, but instead welcome them into a discussion of what these two self-defeating incompetents have in common.  

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

This is the natural outcome of a GOP Bubble World where there is no central policy beyond "grab as much money and power as you can." No one calls out the lies, no media will call out the BS (and AM Radio/Internet amplifies the lies), and the donors want the BS to continue, so they fund it.

Results and analysis doesn't exist in TrumpWorld or WalkerWorld. Just poll numbers and fundraising figures. And you wonder why we end up so far behind?