Saturday, February 2, 2019

Walker discovers smugglers drive through legal border entry points

Eureka moment alert!

Just the other day, I noted that Scott Walker incorrectly claimed on Twitter that the US did not control access to the country "by land."
Are those who don’t want a secure border also calling for an end to airport security? If not, why do we control entry to America by air and water, but not by land?
Yesterday, he Trump-shill-tweeted about the seizure of a huge shipment of fentanyl without mentioning that it had been seized from a truck crossing through a land-based Port of Entry in Arizona:
TTMTHIS AMOUNT OF FENTANYL COULD KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! This is scary, and it's why is pushing for stronger border security. It’s a safety issue. 21h
Of course, Walker does not reference his earlier goof because he's busy promoting Trump, not facts.

Which are here
NOGALES – Customs officers stationed at the commercial border crossing in Nogales made the largest fentanyl seizure ever recorded at any port of entry in the United States the day after President Donald Trump signed a bill putting an end to the longest government shutdown in history. 
According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a canine officer alerted other officers to the presence of 254 pounds of fentanyl hidden inside an 18-wheeler carrying cucumbers, during a secondary inspection at the Mariposa port of entry just past noon on Saturday.
So, just to be clear, the truck did not sail or fly into the country. It was driven on a road on the land, where officers in an official entry facility on land inspected and made the seizure.
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