Friday, February 22, 2019

Vos again urges cooperation with more pledges of no, never

Wisconsin's 'No, never' GOP Legislative leader Robin Vos continues his strangely repetitive and negative way of making friends and influencing people.

Addressing his political tic with a pun like "Popcorn maker pops off" would be too easy and shallow to write.

So I apologize for my weakness.

But what else can you do when GOP Assembly Speaker and RoJo's Popcorn manufacturer Robin Vos accuses Gov. Tony Evers of inserting "poison pills" into the newly-elected Governor's first budget just weeks after Vos had injected huge doses of partisan poison into Evers' and Attorney General Josh Kaul's powers, management prerogatives, and other executive and legal functions historically considered routine in Wisconsin.
Yet Vos continues to talk about cooperation and open doors.
The items which Vos is pronouncing as poison are, in fact, popular, mainstream Democratic policies on which Evers ran either directly or by implication and was elected.

I guess this is part of adjustment period in which Vos is still coping with Walker's loss.

As is Walker, whose Twitter feed keeps on suggesting that he's still an incumbent office-holder. You can click on the date if you want to see the photo:

 Feb 17More
This photo in the Oval Office was from a week after the inauguration of and . Major gains in the economy since then. Tax cuts for middle class families. Push back on terrorism around the world. Thank you!!!

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