Thursday, February 14, 2019

New York City to Amazon: Don't Foxconn us.

Perhaps an outbreak of Foxconn Fever got nipped on the bud out East.

New York today said no - - 

In the End, Amazon Didn’t Win Its Own Subsidy Game
Economists have long criticized tax breaks to corporations; politicians and the public may be starting to share their skepticism.
- - to a $3 billion giveaway to a wealthy corporation.
Amazon HQ2: $3 billion in state, city tax breaks draws company to New York
Think the captains of American industry, finance and office-holders as well follow the subsidy games in the Midwest? Yup.
Op-ed: Wisconsin Deal With Foxconn Was as Bad as They Come
Gov. Scott Walker just lost his re-election bid in Wisconsin. The Foxconn deal might be a reason why. 
 | Nov 07, 2018
And who still doesn't get it? From yesterday, one guess: 
Walker's most embarrassing plea for relevancy yet
If Walker had been an effective Governor and manufacturing leader for eight years, why would he be talking now about reviving manufacturing, not extending and burnishing it, let alone bringing up Foxconn - - the very manufacturing 'deal' which is burying the last molecules of Walker's legacy?
Scott Walker says Foxconn deal will help revive manufacturing in Midwest
I'll add today's post to the Foxconn archive I've been maintaining since Foxconn's Day One in Walker's mind. A recent sample:
* Bloomberg News calls Foxconn 'disastrous...hollow...nakedly political.'
Big national business media outlet uses 49 sources to demolish Foxconn and the politicians who were used to buy in.
Meanwhile the fresh embarrassment continued. 
Offhandedly, he claimed he talks with President Trump about the connections between manufacturing and workforce issues "all the time."
Sure. Like Trump who won Wisconsin cares about details like that, or needs information about anything from the incumbent Governor who lost Wisconsin.


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