Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Grothman limits his national TV time to forgettable Trump smooch

Wisconsin political observers were relieved that Glenn Grothman used his five minutes of national TV airtime during the Michael Cohen hearing today to express his offense at the eleventy-million suggestions that Trump wasn't serious about winning the 2016 campaign.
Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg

"He was running very hard," said Grothman - - unfamiliar himself with running hard in his safely GOP-gerrymandered district - - obviously hoping that for just those few minutes Kim Jong Un had been shushed so Trump could hear the Grothman shoutout.

Truth is - - any Grothman appearance during which he's not discussing the finer points of caulk, demeaning women in the workforce, objecting to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday or more recently voting against paying federal workers for time lost during the government shutdown is a win for the state's reputation.

Imagine what might have happened if one of Grothman's colleagues had gotten all wound up and called Cohen a snake.

If he's just one of today's generic, repetitive Republican Trump suck-ups today, Wisconsin comes out ahead.


Anonymous said...

When I saw his face on TV I couldn't stifle the groan. Most of America is unfamiliar with "Uncle Crazy Pants" and his bizarre views and positions. I get tired of people from all over the country asking me "What's wrong with you people in Wisconsin"? and having to explain about these kinds of officials. So now I just tell people I'm from Kansas and then they don't bother to ask me because they figure it's a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Was he chomping on popcorn?

James Rowen said...

No. His mouth was too full with word salad.

Anonymous said...

Those bone spurs don't allow him to run hard.