Friday, February 22, 2019

AM radio wars next week. You want Walker, or Bob Uecker?

A few winners-and-losers' observations to the 'news' that Walker will fill in two days on Mark Belling's righty-AM talk show early next week while the talker recovers from a stroke.

Winner: AM 1130 WISN. It gets some free p.r. Maybe a few extra listeners, though Belling devotees probably prefer Belling.

Loser: Robin Vos: He's supposed to be the big Republican cheese now that Walker's gone, and here comes Walker again. How can you play Shadow Governor when another Shadow Governor pretender pops up, and custom says you call him "Governor Walker." 

You think Vos wants to hear that? 

Winner: Right-wing talk radio. Having helped create Walker, its prodigal son is back.

Loser: Right-wing talk radio. It takes Walker back, so is looking backwards. When does David Clarke show up?

Winner: Anyone who can predict how many times Walker says "we," "bold," "reforms," "legacy," and "Trump." Tiebreaker will be "Foxconn."

Loser. Anyone who actually keeps score.

Winner: Tony Evers. He's Governor. That's why he isn't sitting in an isolated studio fielding calls set up by a screener with all the spontaneity and drama of a fixed boxing match.

Loser: Scott Walker. Evers is Governor. Walker isn't. Every minute he's on the radio begs the question, 'how did you lose?' 

And radio is a horrible medium for Walker, with that grating nasal+ intonation where "Wisconsin" is "Wiscannsan," and "time" is "toiym."

Winner: AM 620 WTMJ. It's carrying live Brewer spring training game broadcasts Monday and Tuesday to baseball-hungry SE Wisconsin listeners. 

Loser: Scott Walker. "Mr Baseball" himself Bob Uecker will be broadcasting spring training games. You want Uecker, or you want Walker?

Play ball.

We're excited to announce former Gov Scott Walker will be guest hosting The Mark Belling Show this coming Monday and Tuesday 3-6 pm. 


Katrina said...

This is the best ever.

James Rowen said...


Minnesconsin Tom said...

Take a lesson, boys and girls. If you don’t finish your bachelor’s degree...or learn a trade...or gain any real-world work experience outside of elected office, be careful. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed at the age of 51, you may have to resort to schlepping around the country giving canned speeches and maybe—if you’re really desperate for money—agreeing to a two-day gig as a substitute AM radio host.

In that photo, Walker may be giving a “thumbs up” but he looks scared. Probably because he has absolutely no experience as a radio host. Possibly also because he’s afraid of interacting with the general public.

Don’t worry, Scott. Those pre-screened callers will all be fawning over you, telling you what a great job you did as governor, and begging you to run again. I guess we can always hope that one of the callers fakes out the screener like that guy who pretended to be David Koch a few years ago and makes you look like a buffoon. Makes me almost wish I listened to AM radio.