Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Walker's most embarrassing plea for relevancy yet

Poor Scott Walker, already reduced to tweeting photos of burger runs - - More
- -  Jan. 31:
4 hours agoJan. 31 Warm meal at Mission BBQ on a cold day. Even got to sing the National Anthem at noon 🇺🇸.
and trips he's making on aeroplanes - - 
Beautiful mountains in Montana.

- - ooooh, paid speaking gigs, perhaps?

Yet there he is, manufacturing media for himself about what he knows little and accomplished less:


In this self-inflating and embarrassingly sad plea for relevancy - - Walker is embarrassingly oblivious to his tacit admission that he indeed failed to meet his promise of creating 250,000 new jobs in four or five or six or seven+++ years in office, even though he had full control of the government, budgets, and free media on talk radio and advocacy sites to control the outcome.

If Walker had been an effective Governor and manufacturing leader for eight years, why would he be talking now about reviving manufacturing, not extending and burnishing it, let alone bringing up Foxconn - - the very manufacturing 'deal' which is burying the last molecules of Walker's legacy?
Scott Walker says Foxconn deal will help revive manufacturing in Midwest
I'll today's post to the Foxconn archive I've been maintaining since Foxconn's Day One in Walker's mind.

Meanwhile the fresh embarrassment continued. 

Offhandedly, he claimed he talks with President Trump about the connections between manufacturing and workforce issues "all the time."

Sure. Like Trump who won Wisconsin cares about details like that, or needs information about anything from the incumbent Governor who lost Wisconsin.

The only links between anything manufactured by a workforce which Trump cares about are the subpoenas being issued to his inner circle bh House Democrats and indictments being crafted by Team Mueller.

On the other hand, since Walker suggested building a 4,000 mile wall across the US-Canadian border, maybe he can turn Trump's attention to an even bigger project that could further stick it to Wisconsin exporters.

Walker also added a couple of his patented ineptitudes to a story he ginned up which is actually about nothing more than Walker seeing and hearing his own name:
"There's gonna have to be automation, there's gonna have to be artificial intelligence," Walker said. 
- -  which shows that when he says 'manufacturing,' Walker's not looking to help those blue-collar workers whose pay he helped diminish through fast-tracked 'right-to-work' legislation he signed after saying he had no interest in doing just that.

I mean, if Walker's involved, there's gonna have to be clumsiness, there's gonna have to be low intelligence.

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