Friday, February 8, 2019

Foxconn Fiasco reveals 3 flushed GOP values

The Wisconsin GOP "Ship of Fools" has quite the deluded crew.

So as Walker heads out on a paid speaking tour, and Foxconn's promises of blue-collar TV assembling fall back to 'well, we're gonna do something there,' it's time to remind Republicans how completely they cooperated in this philosophical-and-financial public-private mutual suicide pact.

(A 20-month-long Foxconn archive is here.)

1. Republicans made themselves political losers by abandoning their transparently-fake rhetoric about never using government to pick winners and losers. 

2. They also ignored their equal phony worshiping at the alter of private property by using government to force people in Mount Pleasant to turn their homes and farms over to Foxconn's bulldozers. While local officials financed this outburst of old-fashioned cold-hearted Soviet-style central planning by adding tens of millions of dollars of public debt onto the backs of the remaining residents.

3. Also - - don't close up that lemonade stand: you might want to save some for yourselves. You Wisconsin GOP brainiacs - - from Walker to Speaker Vos to Majority Leader Fitzgerald to former local big shots like Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus - - either misheard or forgot the words of a Republican 'leader' who, like Walker, is now an ex-governor and former-presidential candidate:
stop being the stupid party
If it fits, wear it

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