Thursday, February 7, 2019

Walker joins speakers' bureau. Climate change is not one of his topics.

So he tells us on Twitter:

Pleased to join extraordinary leaders like @newtgingrich, @CarlyFiorina, and @stephenharper as a part of @WWSGconnect. I would love to speak at your next event!

I made that prediction more than once; it was easy to suggest after his defeat that he might make:
appearances, perhaps with fellow has-been David Clarke on the big-check-and-rubber-chicken circuit…
Walker was making just over $12,000 per month as governor.  
I see from the agency website which also lists his speech topics that, no, climate change is not one of them - 
Judith Davidoff photo also credited here.
- and that Walker's fee is typical for many of its speakers; some get less, others like chess champion and Russian dissident Gary Kasparov or former RNC chairman Michael Steele command more.

Travels From:
Fee Range:
$15,000 -$25,000 


Katrina said...

I would love to hear what Michael Steele has to say about how the GOP has changed. I would also love to hear about that RNC chair election that he lost to Rinse Prebus. I saw the debate facilitated by (barf) Grover Norquist and was amused by 1) the number of guns owned by each candidate and 2) how most candidates yelled out "Reagan Diaries" when asked for their favorite book title.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

It’s hilarious—and very telling—that Walker’s speaker biography ends abruptly with: “On November 4, 2014, Scott was re-elected to a second term.” What? Nothing to crow about from 2014 on? Here, let me fill in the blank space:

“In 2015, Scott promptly broke his campaign promise to not run for president by running for president. The POTUS campaign was a laughingstock which revealed him as a charlatan, and quickly ended. Scott returned to Wisconsin but things continued to go downhill. His approval rating dipped and never fully recovered.

With everything he had done in his first term now blowing up in his face, Scott became desperate and resorted to a last-ditch attempt to save his career—the blood-curdling, astonishingly foolish Foxconn deal. As a result, Scott’s employment with the state of Wisconsin was terminated by the voters in November 2018.

Scott currently resides in Milwaukee, the city he spent his entire career demonizing as a crime-ridden hellhole. When he isn’t out at some restaurant wolfing down greasy, deep-fried food, he will be happy for any speaking job you may give him. Not to worry, though...this speaking thing is only keeping Scott busy until he runs for U.S. Senate in 2022. He is sure the voters will have fallen in love with him again by then.”