Wednesday, February 20, 2019

On taxes, Evers is both Governor and educator

Good to see that Gov. Tony Evers

is still putting his teaching credentials to good use by vetoing the Republicans devious, damaging and disingenuous tax cut plan.
Evers wants to provide tax relief by increasing the tax burden for manufacturers, which is almost nothing under the state's current tax credit program for them.
Evers isn't against cutting taxes.

He's simply saying that a tax cut is no cut at all if it's paid for by burning up a surplus that will eventually be back-filled with reductions in basic services that will hammer the same middle and working class taxpayers to whom the GOP plan would modestly and momentarily rebate some money.

When the surplus is gone, Republicans will return to their time-worn talking points and behavior - - cutting programs and restricting - - services, because 'hey, look, we just don't have the money to fund this inefficient public sector.'

Evers has said he will propose in his budget a tax cut funded by chipping away at earlier GOP tax giveaways to manufacturers who have had their share of the overall state tax repeatedly reduced.

That's fairer politics and more sensible economics, though sure to be rejected by Republicans more wedded to corporate execs who used to be called fat cats or 'big businessmen,' but who have been recast as 'job creators,' despite their failure to produce the magic number of 250,000 which Walker failed to create.

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