Saturday, February 23, 2019

Trump's pick for UN Ambassador; major donor, climate science naysayer

Well, the 'both sides' argument about neo-Nazis worked well for Trump, so no surprise his new nominee to humiliate us on the world stage as UN ambassador is also making the 'both sides' argument about climate science

The boss no doubt approves, and don't you think the tobacco industry wishes it had this kind of high-level support a few years ago?
Kelly Knight Craft - 2018 (25766214208) (cropped).jpg
Meet our new UN ambasador-nominee, the big-time Trump donor Kelly Knight Craft. She will explain to the more than 100 nations committed to fighting the impacts of climate change that there's another side to the science.

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Katrina said...

Kelly Craft is married to Joseph Craft III. He is the president and chief executive officer of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P., the third-largest coal producer in the eastern United States.