Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Foxconn called 'state visit project' by planner of state project visits

To the history of what happens when bumpkins get together, spend your money and seize your property I will this fascinating Forbes piece by a one-time Chinese state planner who now teaches at the Harvard Business School: 

Foxconn's Wisconsin Factory Is What The Chinese Call A 'State Visit Project'
This is a way of getting you to commit to projects. You work out the details later, and try to make sure you can make money doing it...
I think Mr. Gou’s visit to Wisconsin last June was the same thing. A state visit project - a high-profile way to earn some serious good will and political capital. But as Foxconn worked through the details, I suspect they were having trouble figuring out how to make economic sense of it all...
That means we probably haven’t heard the last words on the Wisconsin story.
And throw rubes like Vos and Fitzgerald into the mix and the game is basically a forfeit.

I will add this item to the Foxconn archive I have been keeping since the project was announced in June, 2017. 

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