Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WI pol will do anything for re-election publicity

Scott Walker will use anyone and anything while believing in nothing to advance his re-election campaigns and future positioning:
Walker initially didn’t tell NFL players what they should do, but he did note the right to protest.
Less than a month later, he said: "It is time for players in the NFL to stop their protests during the anthem," and he asked the players to stand during the pre-game playing of the anthem. 
Then Walker went further, saying: "For the NFL, it’s simple. Stand up, put your hand over your heart." Finally, his campaign launched an online petition and digital ad campaign to pressure the players to stop their protests.

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Anonymous said...

For Wisconsin GOP it's simple: stop obstructing the vote and perverting the rule of law. What you're doing in Wisconsin dishonors our active duty military, veterans and those who gave their lives to uphold our country's ideals, more so than NFL players taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner.