Friday, October 13, 2017

Walker tweet suggests anxiety over financing SE WI's win

We know that Walker will wrap himself in the Foxconn project during his upcoming gubernatorial campaign.

But can Walker convince out-state voters that the boatload of tax dollars and other favors he's going to dump for years and years into a targeted area in SE Wisconsin for Foxconn isn't just another way to give northern and western Wisconsin the shaft?

I think I see in the phrase "tens of thousands of jobs all across WI!" in the Walker tweet below an effort to distract from the basic reality that the benefits of $3 billion in taxpayer subsidies and fast-tracked road-building - - not to mention environmental law and judicial process favors - - are meant to boost communities and businesses near the Foxconn site - - with spillover benefits into Illinois communities that are a lot closer to Racine than, say, Superior, La Crosse, Wausau, Mineral Point, etc.

And it's hard to argue you aren't using state power and money to pick winners and losers when you name Mt. Pleasant and even provide a map to show where the money is going to be spent.

So does "tens of thousands of jobs all across WI!" sell it or draw negative attention to what's really happening?

As Donald Trump would say, "we'll see what happens."
Foxconn is coming to Mt. Pleasant & will lead to tens of thousands of jobs all across WI!


Anonymous said...

The Dem candidates need to do more than call him on lies. They need to go back in the legislative record from the past 6 years at the bills signed and push Walker to defend himself. "Walker sold off thousands of acres of our recreational land" is supported by his signing of the budget bill for DNR to sell 10,000 acres. "Walker selling off state school building" is supported by another bill. "Walker to privatize public drinking water systems" "Walker to eliminate coops" "Walker to eliminate credit unions." "Walker supports privatizing the hunt by not addressing CWD" "Walker purged voter lists" "Walker to give away money and land to foreign investors" He signed bills to make all of these happen. All Dem candidates should make the GOP defend themselves and offer complicated explanations (that no one will listen to) about why they did what they did. Put them on the defensive with broad simple statements.

pjgertz said...

I think it is important to continue to post, comment and put out how bad foxconn will be and not to forget to say all that walker has done or not done to not help WI. Hopefully, the wording and mistakes found in the contract will be enough to make foxconn say without it we won't build here.