Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Walker's 2018 Clean Up Tour heads to court

I'd noted that Scott Walker was cleaning things up before he formally launches a bid to oversee another four years of fiscal, political, environmental and moral damage to Wisconsin.

Now there's more proof that the big announcement is imminent, as the same scandal-plagued WEDC which Walker has tasked to give away $3 billion of the people's money to Foxconn ifinally, belatedly moving to recover money it squandered with Walker's encouragement on the preposterously absurd premise that an out-of-state entrepreneur would build one of the riskiest of high-end items imaginable - - private airplanes - - in Northern Wisconsin.

Why the litigation now? Because you can't run statewide with this kind of unfinished business, given the baggage he's he's already carrying.

Though is it a good strategy to call attention to what Walker and WEDC so badly botched when they are trying to convince everyone that they're the right team to risk the most taxpayer money, ever, on the Foxconn project?

I'd been writing about the Walker/WEDC/airplane fiasco for years, but credit goes to former Cap Times reporter Mike Ivey for having owned the story.

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