Thursday, October 19, 2017

Walker's Foxconn cover-up clock is ticking

[Updated from 10/18/17] 

Day two of the Waslker/Foxconn coverup and Wisconsin's democracy slides further into Imperial Kleptocracy.

So...the con in Foxconn extends to the contract.

The longer Walker and his always-troubled, long-failing, detail-free Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation withhold from the public key details from the multi-billion-public-dollar contract FUBAR prepared for Foxconn's signature, the more we move from incompetence mode to cover-up. 

I'd posted this earlier today, and so far, I see nothing from Walker or the WEDC to bring the people into the Team Walker's little secret:

...a State Senator says a surprise delay holding up the approval of the state's $3+billion commitment to Foxconn is due to the discovery of an oversight in the deal on the level of a "nuclear bomb." 
But don't fret about it; in fact, there's no need for you to know anything particular about it at all:
WEDC board chairwoman Lisa Mauer confirmed the vote was pushed back because of a particular concern but also declined to provide specifics. She said it was detected late in the negotiating process.
“We want to get this right,” Mauer said. “When something goes awry, you step back and you address that specific issue, and that is what’s going to happen.” 
People have a right to know and Walker's people have to provide the information, 


Anonymous said...

Will we ever finally know the real dirt behind the Foxconn deal? How much Foxconn paid/promised to the Walker re-election campaign?

Michael Renteria said...

Kings make deals for themselves and let the crumbs of the loaf trickle down to their subjects. WI is a GOP club, FOXCONN was/is coming in spite of PROGRESSIVE pretensions. Ideologically I am with you, but pragmatism and politics demand we approach Foxconn from the "what's in it for labor, for Racine county citizens". We already know the King will get his loaf, we should be counting our slices lest we pick up the crumbs yet again.

Jingles said...

But if we don't live in Racine county, a share of our taxes will be going to Foxconn. $200 million per year.

Gretchen Doege said...

Knew it was in trouble when he did not show up for the site announcement.