Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In GOP WI, no McCain, Flake, Corker. Just Walkerites.

Wisconsin's motto used to be "We like it here." For state GOP leaders who put power and autocracy first, the slogan is, 'we like him here.'

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Anonymous said...

IMHO, from what I see, the mainstream GOP and extreme right seems to frame the current media political argument, and it's all about where the money is.

Sure, no problem, MSNBC and CNN will comply--their benefactors are the same as watching Meet the Press. In the '90s, Archer-Daniels Midland was their moneybags, until they got caught up in a scandal (they had a special hotel set up in Florida, where Andeas and Bob Dole could make these deals--now Trump is more smugly brazen about all of this).

Boeing, that's a safe bet, afterall they make our B-52s. I'm extremely tired of our U.S. Government spending all it's discretionary tax dollars on 800-1,000+ military bases (known and unknown). We don't need a nuclear war, and need to refocus on the failures of our misguided domestic economy.

Can't spend money on ifrastructure, education, health care, or building a decent economy now, it's all taken over by the bigs: business and media. Who cares if someone starves in urban Milwaukee or any small town in rural places?