Monday, October 23, 2017

Why Vos' losing hit on fellow Republicans is so irrational

It's not that the GOP Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly
Vos robin.jpg
can't win a fight against the GOP Governor and holder-of-all cards Scott Walker. 

It isn't another obvious fact - - that Assembly Democrats won't stand with Vos, given that the Assembly under Vos's control voted down every amendment proposed by Democrats to the 2017-'19 state budget.

The craziest thing about Vos's meltdown into a second day isn't that his behavior and language are so ridiculously and exceptionally inflammatory.

The stupidest, most self-defeating thing about the limb on which Vos is both sitting and sawing through is that the Speaker is complaining about the process by which his own party adopted the budget when that same document's text awards and then subsidizes his Racine-area district with the unprecedentedly-huge, multi-billion-dollar Foxconn project.

With first dibs on the deal's promised hiring, payroll, business spinoff, educational and housing dividends.

And an extra bonus - -  a quarter of a billion dollars of state transportation money in obvious short supply statewide to widen and otherwise rebuild I-94 North and South, plus bigger interchanges and modernized frontage roads across Vos's own district.

This taxpayer-provided bonanza chipped into by the good people from Chippewa Falls to River Falls to Madison to Manitowoc is the Wisconsin moon and stars, the Badgerland whole nine yards, the whole ball of Bucky's wax and it will be shipped for years and years to Vos's own backyard less than 30 miles from the Illinois state line - - far, far away from the fiscally-strapped, high-unemployment counties north of Highway 29 where Republicans pitch small government and austerity, but ignore the rest of the time other than mining for donations and votes.

I said in this post's headline that Vos's hit on his fellow Republicans was irrational and a loser. That's because he's positioned himself against two tenets of Politics 101:

You're losing if you're explaining, and you're losing if you're arguing process against substance. Basically, no one wants to hear any of it.

Vos has worked as a legislative aide, held an Assembly seat for twelve years, and served ten years before that on the Racine County Board of Supervisors.

He's also been state ALEC chairman.

So he's no rookie.

How  much deeper into a hole of his own making can one obtuse, unaware,  ungrateful but veteran state legislator and leader keep digging?


jchuckjohns said...

I believe that republicans in general have the mentality of spoiled, cruel, mean spirited children.
They want the most for themselves, and the least, if anything at all, for people they don't like.
They lash out when they don't get their own way.
They do not care about other people.

Peregrine said...

Great post Jim. This guy is absolutely clueless.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

As long as the checks from oligarchs keep coming, ALEC's Little Cabin Boy will keep growing his ego.

What's amazing to me is how the slugs at the GOP Assembly Caucus shut up and do his bidding without any questions. There's a great book to be written about the favors Vos promises to everyone and how they get doled out. With lots of "independent" expenditures to go with it.

I have little doubt Lil Vossy's tantrum is related to some backroom deal he had made on prevailing wage or school funding or something else.

James Rowen said...

Thanks to Peregrine and others for these comments.

Anonymous said...

Just think the "fascist" comments made by Vos are insane...also as I think Gousha's softball interview in relation to GOP deity Scott Walker make this all possible. Vos, just like Walker, are protected by our mainstream media, and it should not be accepted as part of business-as-usual for Dems.