Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rush to giveaway WI water may signal GOP redistricting unease

It occurs to me that the wholesale rush to give away water, fill wetlands, empower polluters
and kill off environmental protections in Wisconsin for Foxconn and others could arise from GOP fears that Walker and his legislative allies will lose the gerrymandering case at the US Supreme Court and face a game-changing turn-around at the polls.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Or this is pay to play. Walker needs campaign cash for 2018 and can raise enough money for a start in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, I think you're right on the money. Today's GOP will never publicly state what they really think--that would be disastrous. They let the compliant mainstream media tell voters what to think, and turn our government away from being honest and open. So now these are the problems we face, as while Wisconsin never had to deal with that in the 20th century.

Manufacturing, commerce and social justice used to be what made Wisconsin great, but that is no longer the case. Wisconsin is blessed with abundant natural resources, and they need to be protected to make our commerce and manufacturing healthy again.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that, despite all of the obvious crookedness of the Wisconsin GOP in this matter, the vote will be 5/4 to allow it.

Anonymous said...

Well if the repubs think selling the voters on shit in their water will keep getting them elected so their coporate overlords can keep paying this!


If the repubs think shit in the voters water will get them thrown out of power so their corporate overlords will have to clean up-never this!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

They are definitely scared of something. It seems telling that Walker hasn't officially announced he's running again, and I think it's because his poll numbers suck and people hate the GOP in general.

Anonymous said...

The project to codify corporate ownership of public waters is threatened by defeat of Republicans at the ballot box.

It's not inferential to suggest Republicans are working at multiple levels to destroy water protection, and the threat of the public must be addressed and stopped by Republicans or the objectives and aims will not be achieved.

MAL said...

Suggest folks as well read Kathleen Vinehout's piece on the Republican attack against the trades and professional-service sectors, continuing the attack against anything not Republican.

Why isn't every Dim-ocrat screaming this from the Capitol dome? Because the Dems have their job, their little benefit package, and incompetence is no sin among the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Writes Vinehout:

Recently, a Senate committee on which I serve passed two bills that set up a process to potentially de-license professionals. Senate Bill 288 establishes a partisan appointed council that reviews licensing, registration or other state approval for ALL occupation and professional licensing in Wisconsin. Senate Bill 296 creates a process for self-certification that allows a person to claim “state certification” even though they may have no training or experience in their chosen occupation.

Electricians, nurses, certified public accountants, plumbers, physical therapists, doctors, and other professionals will have their licensing and continuing education requirements reviewed by a nonelected, partisan council. The council would have the power to write and introduce a bill making changes to the laws governing occupational licensing. These powers are generally reserved for lawmakers.
It gets worse, see

Unknown said...