Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Racine legislator eyes takeover of key Milwaukee agency

[Updated] Yeah, why not let a Republican legislator junior emperor from Racine
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use state power and law to dictate the makeup of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.

And turn it from a citizen review panel to a police officer and fire fighter-run body that will further drain the City of Milwaukee of local control, again, and resident taxpayer money.

Walker set the tone with Act 10, stripping away local governments rights' to negotiate with employees, and followed up later with a bill which erased Milwaukee's residency rule for public employees.

Which means a remade Fire and Police Commission could be packed with police officers and fire fighters who live in Wauwatosa, Cudahy, Whitefish Bay, etc.

Although to be fair, Wisconsin Republican politicians also will strip a rural area of its local control if big money wants favors.
The state Department of Natural Resources has rejected an ordinance developed by Bayfield County in northern Wisconsin that sought to put more restrictions on large scale farms built near a watershed.
GOP State Senator Tom Tiffany is the master, having perfected the technique for the failed GTac mine:
See his latest giveaway - - remember, he tried but failed to close off thousands of acres of publicly-accessible forest land prior to much significant work on and near potential excavation sites - - to serve the mine owners' interests:
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His bill - - call it the 'Go Ahead And Dynamite Despite The Asbestos Act' - - is not a hit at local control. It the elimination of local control in favor of the company's control, with the blessing of the state.
More examples of GOP Big Government, here
The pace has quickened since 2011, they say, in tandem with Republican control of the governor's office and the Legislature.

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