Thursday, October 12, 2017

WI Reps. Sensenbrenner, Duffy vote against storm, fire aid

I noted yesterday that WI GOP Members of Congress are wasting their time and our money with poor representation in the Nation's Capitol.

Tonight we learned that WI GOP Cong. Jim Sensenbrennner - - the second longest-serving Republican in the House
 - - Sean Duffy, a WI GOP Congressman with less seniority but already equivalent insensitivity and WI GOP freshman and Green Bay Congressional failure Mike Gallagher  - - were among several dozen House representatives who voted against a bill providing emergency aid to storm and fire-ravaged American communities.

Even Glenn Grothman voted "yes." 

Cong. Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, is not recorded casting a vote. Generally, the Speaker does not cast a ballot.

Here is the roll call record.

And, for the record: 69 Republicans voted "No." This is the United States?

One nation...indivisible...? 

Please. Spare me.


Unknown said...

It's sad to see how heartless these representatives are. It certainly does not represent my feelings.

MAL said...

Sensesnbrenner is a racist from long-ago.

Sensenbrenner is one of six still serving in Congress who voted against MLK Jr. Day.

And Sensenbrenner remains opposed to minorities casting a vote, a vote, at the polls.