Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Rights, environmental activists save Story Hill, $1 billion

Big news: Years of Walker overspending on new lanes through Milwaukee County runs out of money. Before we get to the news and details, don't forget this earlier post:

Walker motion in 2003 tripped off SE highway overspending 
[Updated, 6/22] Outstate Republican legislators still griping about out-of-control highway spending in Southeastern Wisconsin - - check the record in this item reposted from last week:  
Walker led the charge for unsustainable overspending on highways in SE WI that you now don't like.

Back to the news, and props to the dogged plaintiffs.
WisDOT asks feds to rescind decision for controversial I-94 expansion in Milwaukee

As many of us said years ago, no billion-dollar boondoggle
Citizen coalition has the argument and the data to back it up:
Broad Coalition Opposes “Billion Dollar Boondoggle” Highway 94 Expansion

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