Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Glenn Grothman selling 'concern' to gullible buyers

[Updated] One of the oldest tricks in politics is worrying aloud that fund raising is going poorly and then raking in cash from low-information voters who can't see through the con.

The occasionally transparent but gerrymander-protected, perpetually-embarrassing Congressman and long-time sociological oracle Glenn Grothman has just had  one of these crying wolf/begging for money moments:

I am very apprehensive about the future. Right now it’s kind of the calm before the storm. The fundraising is not going as well as I’d like,” the Glenbeulah Republican told WISN-AM (1130) host Jay Weber."
...this is the toughest race of my political career..."
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I would say 'stop the madness,' but it's hard to stay just when it started. 

Though there are documented clues posted on this blog:
...it's hard to chalk up the reported rant against Kwanzaa by State Sen. Glenn Grothman, (R-West Bend), to anything other than gross ignorance and intolerance:  
Calling it a holiday that "almost no black people today care about," state Sen. Glenn Grothman is characterizing Kwanzaa as a false holiday conjured up by a racist college professor and perpetuated by hard-core liberals.
"Why must we still hear about Kwanzaa?" the Republican lawmaker from West Bend asked in a press release. "Why are hard-core left wingers still trying to talk about Kwanzaa — the supposed African-American holiday celebration between Christmas and New Year’s?" 
 ...Grothman will not apologize.
When did he become the arbiter of whose holidays are authentic and whose culture is worth respecting? And should taxpayers pick up the cost of his misuse of state, news-release resources?
This is not the first time Grothman demeaned a large swath of the citizenry:
About time he takes flak for equating single-parenthood with child abuse.
The Huffington Post takes note.  
Or blathered on about large numbers of other people:

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