Friday, October 6, 2017

David Clarke finally has nothing to say

The guy held a high-profile crime-fighting position in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - - 

- - but can't come up with a single suggestion or method beyond some Stuart Smalley wisdom pearls that might address or prevent a repetition of the largest mass domestic gun homicide in recent America history.
"Some things are outside our control as human beings,” he told Think Progress.
Though he did answer the question with a question of his own.
“Why do people keep asking that?” he said, standing by the U.S. Capitol after appearing on Fox News where he talked about the appropriate law enforcement response to the shooting.
Clarke has rarely been without opinions, the record shows. Here's one compilation that includes these examples among many:
Clarke has called the NRA, which he strongly supports, a “civil rights” group. 

.@SheriffClarke: Don't Try to Understand 'Sick Ideology' of Islamism, Destroy It. 
9:51 AM - Jul 16, 2016 

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