Monday, October 23, 2017

Popcorn King Vos having personal snap, crackle, pop

[10/23/17 update: It's a learning Monday, as Wisconsin GOP leaders showed us how to a) set a political career on fire and undermine GOP one-party advantages, b) create greater havoc with a smarmy non-apology apology, and c) trigger repeated volleys from a GOP circular firing squad. 

We learned this and more when Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told 620 WTMJ-AM Monday morning that, yes, he did on Sunday very publicly call three Wisconsin State Senators of his own party "terrorists" because they held the budget process hostage against his definition of tradition and procedure, and while he could have used a more "artful" term than "terrorists," he didn't mean to imply the Senators were violent. Vos's targets are unhappy.

GOP Senate leaders favorite term of art today is "beyond," calling Vos's language "beyond inappropriate" and "beyond outrageous."]

Breakfast with Robin Vos has taken a true-to-life Snap, Crackle and Pop turn.

And Walker is telling voters the state is going in the right direction?

Vos is having the snap, the party the crackle, and the Walker/Vos partnership goes pop.

I'd noted WI GOP Assembly Speaker and Burlington popcorn maker Robin Vos's continued sulk 
Vos robin.jpg
after not getting 100% of his way in the budget and home-court Foxconn siting, and had suggested that his tiff with over budget process with Walker would be a drag on the GOP ticket, but, holy moly - -  Vos's disproportionate weirdness is really troubling.
Robin Vos: GOP senators who struck budget deal with Scott Walker are "terrorists"
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is still smarting from last month’s rocky resolution to the state budget debate, calling three Republican senators who struck a deal with Gov. Scott Walker to support the budget “terrorists.”
“That’s what they are,” Vos said in a WISN-TV interview that aired Sunday. “You don’t hold somebody hostage for your own personal needs.”

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