Saturday, September 3, 2016

Obama leads on climate change, WI in obstructionist hands

As his tenure winds down, props to President Barack Obama for continuing leadership on climate change while seemingly endless floods rampage across the US south.

A major piece in The New York Times piece puts it all into perspective.
President Obama
In the US West, and elsewhere, the flip side of climate change extremes is heat, drought and fire.

Climate change isn't a theory or some-day-in-the-future daydream. It's here and now.

And let's hope Donald Trump never gets close enough to the White House where his ignorance and superficiality would make climate change denial the law and policy of the land.

Regrettably, in the state where once strode Aldo Leopold, John Muir and Earth Day founder and former Governor Gaylord Nelson, Trump has the backing of assorted key deniers and ignorami in the Wisconsin Party of Pollution, including Republicans Gov. Scott Walker, US House Speaker Paul Ryan, US Senator Ron Johnson, and US Rep. Sean Duffy.

And don't forget Cathy Stepp, the former developer and Trump cheerleader named by Walker to bring a "chamber of commerce mentality" to the state's clean air and water - - the once-proud and science-based Department of Natural Resources Secretary diminished, soured and handcuffed by Wisconsin Republicans

Teamed with the ideological environmental opponent GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel, Wisconsin's dirty air and tainted water enablers are turning Wisconsin's once green reputation deep, indelible red.

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Anonymous said...

Even if Wisconsin wanted to help fight climate change, it would be impossible. The typical beer swillin', sausage munchin', dairy suckin', cheese chompin' Badger State resident produces a lot of carbon dioxide. Probably no where else in America except in Boston and some of the tex-mex states do residents "break wind" as frequently or as intensely.

A typical breakdown of the chemical composition of "passed" gas is:

Nitrogen: 20-90%
Hydrogen: 0-50% (flammable)
Carbon dioxide: 10-30%
Oxygen: 0-10%
Methane: 0-10% (flammable)

Our livestock contributes greatly to greenhouse gasses, but it is the people of Wisconsin that contribute the most to our derriere.