Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Walker to announce obvious re-election pander

Just what revenue-deprived Wisconsin needs: a smoke-and-mirrors PR move known as a "sales tax holiday" for buyers of school supplies - - but next year - - says all-but-certain candidate for re-election Scott Walker. 

As the Journal Sentinel story points out:
The holidays are popular with many consumers for offering at least the promise of some relief around one of the major seasons for family spending. But the measures are also panned by policy experts for doing little to boost the economy. 
The recent Tax Foundation report found that sales tax holidays do not promote jobs growth but instead merely shift the timing of consumer purchases and complicate the process of collecting taxes from stores. Some retailers may also raise prices during the holiday, reducing consumer savings, the report found.


Anonymous said...

IMHO, this has nothing to do with his re-election. He will run for the White House again and will not be able to do it as a sitting Governor, since he crashed that campaign in what appears to be record-setting time and at record-setting costs.

He is pandering to the national press that he needs to catapult his propaganda, something that routinely happens in-state, but not across America (yet).

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Not just pandering, but a stupid pander. It's 3+ weeks before school starts and forces a store to stock up and staff up at a time when they don't need to. Oh, and it costs revenue on top of it.

You wanna be serious, make the holiday last for 3 weeks. Otherwise, this is incredibly stupid