Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Unhappy with Trump? Cry me a river, Waukesha County GOP

[Updated] Having enjoyed all the partisan and personal benefits of a dominant State Republican Party energized by welcomed, rabid Tea Party foot soldiers dog whistling to power in unison - - from Reince Priebus to Scott Walker to Paul Ryan to their former local District Attorney Brad Schimel they helped promote to Attorney General where he sticks up, using taxpayer dollars, for everything the Wisconsin GOP stands for, including:

Brazen voting restrictions aimed at minorities, students and big-city folk, and dirty smokestack emissions, and public water giveaways, feedlot pollution and anything else big business wants for itself at the public and environment's expense, and mean-spirited, ideologically-driven discrimination against low-income workers and urban reality, or Planned Parenthood, Wisconsin women and their reproductive rights, GOP voters in deep red Waukesha County are crying the blues to a Journal Sentinel reporter over Donald Trump's rise to Republican dominance.
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
Now they don't like what their party is offering?

An intolerant, crude, selfish, arrogant, empathy-free, Putin-loving Trump - - endorsed by Waukesha's best friends Scott Walker
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and Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy and Ron Johnson, et al  - - at the top of the GOP ticket...right where he belongs.

Cry me a river, Waukesha County Republicans.

He's all yours.

[Updated to make clear the reference is to Waukesha County and GOP voters there.]


Anonymous said...

Please - don't assume the word Waukesha is generic. I'm sure you mean to write Waukesha County, James.

James Rowen said...

Updates added to make clear the reference is to Republican voters in Waukesha County.

Anonymous said...


Waukesha Repubs. clutching their pearls.

How sweet.

Anonymous said...

Call the waaambulance!

Favorite son Scotty Walker fell flat on his face on the national stage, because the propaganda that blankets Wisconsin did not echo across the national media in unison. His guy with "a wife, 2 kids, and a Harley" sounded too stooopid for even the right-wing national media to parrot.

Now that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is part of the USA Today "family" of disinformation, maybe the pro-Walker propaganda will get some traction in 2020 -- especially after Scotty steps-down in 2018 so that he can campaign full-time for 2 years before the next presidential election.

They can wring their hands in Walkersha now and proclaim that somehow Don the Con stands for something different than Walker and GOP hacks. The only difference between Walker and Trump is that Scotty hasn't had to throw red meat to racist and uneducated white guys, because the in-state media is routinely publishing his talking points as nooooooze.

It was not by happenstance that tRump put a koch whore and ALEC stooge on the ticket and then proclaimed he was turning foreign and domestic policies over to David and Charles Koch via their stooge Pence.

Scotty is playing his master's game now and took one for the team -- easy to do when you run your campaign into the ground going from front-runner to ZERO percent support. In 2020, however, the media will sell him to us as the "great uniter" despite his on-record candid admission to being all about "divide and conquer".

Anonymous said...

I think he will run in 2018 and step down after he wins. God will tell him to step down and run for POTUS and Voss will run for Lt.Guv when Beck decides to stay home with the kids

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31

Fair enough -- you could be right.

But, Wisconsin is dead-last in business start-ups. Report just out (you can see at jsonline) says we are again ranked 33rd in job creation. While the media successfully shoved Walker's 250,000 job promise down the memory hole, there are very few positives to run on.

Of course, if tRump wins this fall, then expect to see Walker pulled out of the mess he has created to join the administration. Please don't kid yourself, Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate who also has record unfavorables.

If tRump loses, there is really no reason for Walker to risk throwing away his political ambitions running on his poor record of achievement, though media propaganda has carried this public leach and his underachieving record this far.

People really need to read Richard Charnin's Matrix of Deceit (available at Amazon). The numbers from Walker's recall and then 2014 do not stand up to basic scrutiny -- the sort of mathematical analysis that is always used by the U.S. to gauge the authenticity or election results in other countries around the world.

If you understand why highly qualified quantitative analysts, including the man that exactly called 2012 election in advance (Charnin) can state the results are fraudulent, then you will also understand why this ani-mouse comments on media complicity promoting everything GOP.

In an free, open, transparent, verifiable, and honest election; Scott Walker would not be a shoe-in based on what has happened in 2-terms. If Walker runs again for gov in 2018 and "wins" only to step aside, this will be another "tell" that another election was fixed.

FWIW: Voss is a weaselly little rat. IMHO, he would not run for Lt. Gov. There is very little in it for him, but perhaps there are some "deals" that will be cut and then you could be spot-on.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Much like Sykes' crocdile tears (which Bruce Murphy called out in Urban Milwaukee this week, you suburb types built this racist monster of ignorance. Now you OWN it.

Anonymous said...

Sykes has no real problem with tRump and stands to benefit directly if he "wins" the November election. Federal Appeals Court Judge Diane S. Sykes of Wisconsin is one of the judges Donald Trump is likely to place on the bench of the SCOTUS.

Likewise, the koch brothers are crying crocodile tears -- they got what they wanted -- one of their most effective ALEC shills on the ticket with explicit statements from tRump that this koch-asset will be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.


So what else is there?

We are seeing a stealth coup and Charles and David are laughing all the way to the bank.