Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump's #Waukesha racial divide, reality dissonance

There's this:

Trump predicts Wisconsin win as he makes pitch to minority voters, slams Clinton

But there had also been this from the Journal Sentinel's Tom Kertscher:

 21 hours ago21 hours agoI didn’t walk through the entire crowd at Donald Trump Waukesha rally, but it’s worth noting that I didn’t see any African-Americans.

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Anonymous said...

There would have been a gazillion African Americans there if teabaggin' Sheriff David Clarke was there. Unfortunately, even though self-proclaimed African American "democrat" Clarke is a big tRump fan, spoke at the rally, and is an even bigger Scott Walker booster, Walkersha does not generally allow non-Majority people into the community after the sun goes down and expects the locals to stay home and out-of-sight.

I called the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today, asking why they take no action nor issue any statements about the buffoonery of Clarke that has been an ongoing attack on every Democratic politician and idea/platform for more than a dozen years now.

The 18 year-old out-of-state volunteer who answers the phone was shocked when I explained the recent homicide in Clarke's jail and the ongoing attacks of everything he thought the party stood for. He was also shocked to find out that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is entirely disinterested in educating the public about how a wing-nut teabagger is abusing the party brand for partisan political gain.

He said he would talk to people higher up and that they would get back to me.

Does anyone want to bet with me over whether-or-not I get an explanation? Why is there no media coverage of the fact that primaries are rigged for Clarke via cross-over votes. If the unverifiable and proprietary vote totals are accurate (and there is clear evidence election outcomes in Wisconsin are crooked), why doesn't the Party educate Milwaukee Citizens about the more-than a decade long sham?

This situation is so sick and dysfunctional on so many levels -- but here's what corks me. I recently saw a Facebook page where some self-proclaimed "progressives" are actually saying that African American voters are not smart enough to vote for a real Democrat because, in the last primary, he was white.

Teabaggin' Clarke must have played very well to that Walkersha crowd, but then again, there were no African Americans there he could have arrested for speaking the truth to him.