Monday, September 26, 2016

Barrett resurrects train industry which Walker wrecked

Scott Walker chased train assembly and maintenance work from a hard-hit Milwaukee neighborhood and the payroll-poor state economy he continues to fail - - and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has brought that industry and its good jobs back to the city and state.

The work involves work on LA rail cars.

Kinki Sharyo P3010 1.jpg

A great day for Milwaukee, its workforce and transit.

Let's hope this is the first step in bringing the industry all the way back, which would mean working on train sets right here in Milwaukee that can service the city, Madison, and the Midwest High-Speed Rail System, and not simply shipping out equipment for use out-of-state only:


Oregon Launches Made-And-Banned-In-Wisconsin Trains

These trains were built at the Talgo train works in Milwaukee shut down by Scott Walker and his jobs-killing servants in the state legislature. Worse, they killed an entire industry.

Join us in a celebration
train cab in production
Oregon's Talgo trainset, preparing for move to Colorado 


On Friday, July 26 at the Eugene Amtrak station, we'll "officially" welcome the state's new 13-car passenger train sets. You're invited to the 2:30 p.m. ribbon-cutting! Get details here.

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Anonymous said...

It is so sad what Walker did to this industry in Milwaukee where decent paying jobs would go far to resolving many of the city's ills. He did this all out of political greed to reinforce his conservative credentials with the Tea party factions here and across the country. If he had let the high speed rail proposal alone there would have been a high speed rail corridor connecting Chicago with Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis. This would have opened the door to economic growth and given rise to the U W AND U of Minnesota to tap into the bio-med and digital entrepreneurship that investors and start-ups are looking for. Undoubtedly if Walker had left Talgo alone other support industries would have spring up and perhaps manufacturing jobs could have been grown in the poverty ridden neighborhoods that desperately need jobs. Walker has been a 3 "E" KILLER FOR Wisconsin. HE HAS DAMAGED OUR ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT AND OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM. Wisconsin WOULD NOT BE IN THE MESS WE HAVE TODAY IF WALKER AND HIS AUSTERITY AGENDA HADN'T BEEN INSTITUTED.