Saturday, September 24, 2016

On debate Monday, remember GOP Team WI all-in for Trump

Wisconsin's Republican Governor, Congressional delegation, and state legislative caucus all want the racist, sexist, egomaniacal, pathologically insecure and habitually dishonest Donald Trump to be US President, Commander-in-Chief, nominator of US Supreme Court justices, Appeals Court and District Court judges, US Ambassadors to foreign countries and the United Nations, designator of protected areas and national monuments, and the administrators of the US EPA, the CIA, Homeland Security, National Parks Service, the US Forest Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Department of Labor, the members of the National Labor Relations Board, Secretary of State, the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, the Secretary of the Interior, Treasury Secretary, the US Department of Agriculture, four of eight members of the US Civil Rights Commission, and numerous federal, regulatory agencies and commissions too numerous to mention, etc.

But you get my drift, no?
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my5cents said...

Yes, smart people get your drift. Unfortunately, the Trumpettes are not listening to anything reasonable. They've lost all ability to think and reason. Smart people know what you are saying and take it seriously. I will never understand those that will only vote Republican because they always have, their families always have, and their parents always have. I don't understand why they do not take voting for people to represent them seriously and will never ever understand the ones who are one issue voters only. There is too much at stake to not think through carefully who you vote for.

I have always told my children who I am voting for and why, but I also tell them that they should vote for the person they feel is right for the job. That's their right. I also tell them that I will never hold it against them if they vote for someone other than who I vote for. That it is a free country and it's no one else's business who they vote for. Not even mine.

We recently had a family reunion and not one word was mentioned about politics, which was very smart. I know many in my extended family always vote Republican because of either single issues, they always have, or because my parents did. But, we don't talk about it, ever. I see some posts on FB that tell me all I need to know.