Friday, September 16, 2016

Media took too long to call out Trump's lies

We are finally getting some truth by media, as these headlines show, but more than a year of ignoring, minimizing or whitewashing Donald Trump's 
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
lies has poisoned the political environment, degraded the Fourth Estate and harmed the Presidential campaign.

From The Washington Post: 
Trump admits Obama was born in U.S., but falsely blames Clinton for starting rumors
From The New York Times: 
Trump Drops False ‘Birther’ Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started It
Also from the Times:
Why Donald Trump’s ‘Birther’ Lie Collapsed
USA Today:
Trump's lies have already changed America: Column


Anonymous said...

Valid points - there is no Don the Con without the media's complicity - but we are seeing even work media failures across Wisconsin. Our divide-and-conquer governor would not have been launched into successively higher positions of power without media propaganda across the state.

I understand why you made this point, BUT at least the national media was smart enough not to endlessly repeat pro-Walker talking points during his failed 2016 presidential run.

And if the Wisconsin media doesn't start more-fully telling the truth and doing so on a regular basis, Walker will run again on 2020 if tRump does not win the White House.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51

Walker will never be held accountable for anything by Wisconsin media. Within the next 2 weeks, across the state, you will see the usual Walker media that tools proclaim he is "Teflon". All the criminality in recent email releases will be flushed down the memory hole and follow-up reports will not be allowed, because the media will say it's now "old news".

With apologies to the in-house comment cop, I must say that the above disinformation strategy has been used to prop up Walker for years now. Trump's national media attention is nowhere near as dishonest as Walker's in-state propaganda machine.

Please mark my words and remember, I told you so!

Anonymous said...

We already have HATE enshrined in the institutions of the state: The Fed hates savers and pensioners. The DNC hates voters who want to register or select a candidate of their choice in the primaries. The Justice Department hates people with the temerity to want redress from bank crimes. The government hates people who use health care systems so they empower insurers who hate their customers. The government also hates whistleblowers who simply want facts available in a free society so we can make informed choices. The State Department hates all vassal states (read: sovereign nations) that do not lick the jackboot. The prison system hates poor people. And we’re all told we’re supposed to hate the Russians (the reasons are hazy).
And you’re surprised that hate is becoming a popular state of mind among the populace? Our institutions are telling us it’s the way to focus and get what you want.

Anonymous said...

Trump's campaign is dishonest and crooked. One of his advisors is Marjorie Dannenfelser. Amazingly, she looks like a female version of our very own Scott Walker! Take a look for yourself!

Walker's Face:

Dannenfelser's Face:

These 2 campaigns share more than most people know.

Anonymous said...

My God! Anonymous 7:54

Those two are mirror of each other!

Anonymous said...

Yes, DANGER!!!

Just take a gander at this documentary about the lying golden goose (the movie
...huuuge lies accompanied by environmental destruction of pristine Scottish coastal dunes (with the help of the Scottish police, government and media).

It looks so similar to the bulldozers desecrating the historic burial ground on land ceded to US gov't by Standing Rock Sioux nation.

Listen to Ari Rabin-Havt's lecture:
when major media "covers" the lying liars it focuses too much on the sociopathic liars' lies, making them somehow "real" in the minds of haters (e.g., smoking is safe, the climate is just fine and dandy, war is peace, trophy hunting is honorable, economically oppressed communities of Black, Latino/a, Hmong, Muslim etc. are dangerously criminal. Listen to Ari's talk in Seattle: .

Or check out the movie TRUTH in which Mary Mapes revealed that "W" lied about his military "service" -- but the "story" that the MSM (CBS) preferred to cover (i.e., that Mapes was a liberal liar) was the lie that destroyed Mapes and Dan Rather's journalistic careers.

Be careful.

Bea said...

Over 1,500 documents from the leak to the Guardian offer boundless opportunities for media to pursue. Of course they won't. They wouldn't even pursue one: that Walker lied prior to the recall that he hadn't run in 2010 on anything he hadn't campaigned on. The smoking gun of his Oshkosh Northwestern interview proved otherwise but was ignored by media far and wide, including the feckless Journal Sentinel.

Anonymous said...

Bea -- also remember that Scott Walker, testifying before congress after ACT 10, was forced to admit that his divisive signature legislation had nothing to do with fixing budgets. The media lied that this "achievement" was a keystone of fiscal responsibility and falsely proclaimed Walker had balanced the state's budget even though he did not pay debt service that was due and used massive borrowing as smoke-and-mirrors.

Couple these media lies with false accusations of plagerism and that Mary Burke had been fired from her family's business and it is clear -- Wisconsin media handed the 2014 election to Walker (though Richard Charnin can also demonstrate anomalies that indicate this, like the 2012, was a stolen election).