Thursday, September 22, 2016

Intimidated Walker plays the budget threat card

Not from The Onion:

WI GOP Scott Walker is hinting today that he might cut Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm's staffing if the Milwaukee DA keeps pressing ahead with the John Doe case involving Walker and key donors which the US Supreme Court may accept for further as early as next month.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, with two of its members' impartiality at the heart of the potential case, had already made the case harder to bring to the US Supreme Court by denying Chisholm and two other DA's the use of outside, donated legal assistance. 

All this pressure from people with a vested interest in killing the case suggest there is something these dark money beneficiaries want permanently hidden.


Anonymous said...

What a total, tasteless a$$.

Unknown said...

Walker's action today is a clear admission of guilt. The Legislature is bound by Wisconsin's constitution to act immediately to remove him from office due to his criminal activity while in office. But watch, the Republican cowards will mimic the House of Representatives and their non-action with Obama's nomination for Supreme Court justice. These people have no honor and have turned their backs on the trusting electorate who put them in office.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Seems like a textbook case of abuse of power that got Rick Perry indicted. Time to go look at more emails to see if this is indeed retaliation.

Scotty's running scared, and just dug his hole deeper. I think they know SCOTUS is taking the case

Anonymous said...

But Perry got sprung - sorry, that's how the system works. So now progressives are about letting due process be damned?

Surely there is a better example of how criminal proceedings can proceed without representing the left as abusing the legal process that was designed to protect citizens. This 2-party system is so screwed up and screwing us because so much unethical or even criminal behavior is normalized when it is on "our side."

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker and his fund-raising team sold an estimated $30.5 million worth of legislation to fend off the recalls (most of this pay-for-play never covered by Wisconsin media). Now is payback time. Now Walker has a Wisconsin-version of Chris Christie's Bridgegate -- create years of dangerous traffic congestion on the major highways serving Madison, Verona, Fitchburg, Milwaukee, and Highway 45 up to the Fox Valley.

After some hollow and meaningless opposition from the usual legislative hacks, the Senate has caved and expect the Assembly to do likewise. Voss is pretending to take a strong stand, but he is going to do nothing to stop this and is positioning himself for a gubernatorial run in 2018 as Scott Walker, with the help of in-state media, runs for the White House again. He will start this cheap beer-swilling/Harley tour a couple years out. He will not run for a third term.

What Walker is doing is much worse than Perry as he is not only defunding the most important prosecutor (due to Milwaukee's size) in Wisconsin, but he is going to kill people with 5+ years of chaos on deadly traffic delays that emergency vehicles cannot transverse. There will be many accidents as well -- people get angry at the intentional mess DOT created and some drive like maniacs.

But this isn't a glitch -- this is a feature of Walker's bullying and retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre, to a lesser degree.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32

The massacre you referred to was headlines across America and even in Wisconsin's large dailies. This story is being misrepresented by the state's second largest newspaper as being about Walker expressing concerns that prosecutors need MORE resources!

Nothing could be farther from the truth, but this is the way one newspaper has spun it.

my5cents said...

As Anon 12:32 said, the way the story was misrepresented by the state’s second largest newspaper is exactly what I had been thinking after reading the story, so I reread it and was still somewhat confused at what I was reading. I reread it a third time and now see what you are saying. Thank you Jim Rowen for clarifying exactly what Walker meant. That was my initial thought, but I kept questioning what Walker meant because of how he said it.

To me, cutting funding for DA's across Wisconsin would be going the wrong direction. I now understand that if Chisholm wins the Supreme Court case and continues to pursue the John Joe against the Club for Growth and Walker that Walker will cut funding to DA's in Wisconsin and in particular the Milwaukee DA’s office. Wow!!! That definitely smacks of guilt. Walker is essentially saying that if you pursue this, I will cut your funding to the point that you will not have the manpower to pursue it. All I can think to that is WOW. Just WOW, that a sitting governor would stoop to that extreme. I know some have tried things like this in other states before, and I have always known that Scott Walker had it in him to do something like this, but I guess I hoped we would never see it happen in Wisconsin.

I think a lot of people are confused the way I was, so it is good that you and others are making it clear exactly what Walker is planning to do. I guess I didn’t think he would actually hurt the people in this way, but silly me. He is totally corrupt.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Assume there are no depths these people will sink to. Remember "there'd better not be a shred of paper that shows a problem" after that kid was killed by concrete falling from a Milw Co garage under Walker?

It's been a good guide for me these last 5 1/2 ywars. Sociopaths abuse the trust of well-meaning people, and many of the rubes are too embarrassed to admit WisGOP tricked them