Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WI GOP wolf hunt lawmakers hosting pro-wolf hunt summit

A federal judge banned the Wisconsin wolf hunt, but two GOP state legislators are sponsoring a conference in Cumberland, WI on September 15th to keep the hope for "the necessity for state-led" wolf-hunting alive, event planners say:
The Great Lakes Wolf Summit, hosted by Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Adam Jarchow, is a meeting of public officials, scientists, and interested parties from Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota to discuss the necessity for state-led wolf management programs. 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves 
Since the Great Lakes regional meeting with speakers is free, you gotta wonder who's picking up the tab? 

More from the Wolves of Wisconsin Douglas County blog.

And more here about the record death toll last month among Wisconsin bear hounds killed when their owners ran them in 'training sessions' through wolf activity areas.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose we tax-payers are on the hook for bringing the speakers to Wisconsin and we are surely paying salary for legislative staff to organize and run these.