Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My God: Trump is so thin-skinned

Amazed that Trump rambled in self-praise near the end about holding back because Chelsea Clinton was in the hall from an attack he could have unleashed on Hillary Clinton. 

That Hillary had piled on negative ads about the way Trump had treated women, etc., and he had a counter-pinch he wanted to throw, but didn't.

Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP DonaldJTrump.com"
The general interpretation confirmed later by the man himself is that Trump wanted to rip on Bill Clinton's personal indiscretions and somehow drag Hillary into that, even blaming her.

Are you kidding me?

Is Bill Clinton on the ballot and debate stage?

Does Trump really want to throw those stones from his glass house?

And how Nixonian, saying something ugly, like so and so is a Communist, but then saying, in effect, 'I would never say that.'

And did Trump think a campaign in which he attacked and ridiculed and demeaned every one of his opponents, along with huge swaths of the population - - women  Muslims, immigrants - - wouldn't produce, as all campaigns do, some point-counter point at his expense?

What we're seeing is what happens when an egomaniacal CEO who is used to be praised and enabled and gets to be sole judge on a TV show where he fires people steps into a different arena in which criticism and condemnation is what it's all about.

And women are allowed to play these days on an equal footing. No wonder he had a bad night.

Trump is really in the wrong element if he thinks he should get a pass for things he has said and done, and I cannot imagine that even in the unchartered waters of this campaign that Trump would go that deep in the mud and believe it's a winning strategy.

But we'll see by the next debate, and probably prior, if enough of the rules of the game have been suspended this year, by and for Trump,


Humanities_excite said...

However much we all agree that Trump is plain bad, the criticism you weigh against Trump is equally true for Clinton. Notably, neither has been held to task for dirty politics, nor for seemingly undemocratic/unethical maneuvers up the food chain. Is one brand of dirt worse than another? Can we really convince ourselves that "dumb-bad" is worse than "cunning-bad"? Which is more dangerous? How will we protect ourselves from either one? We in WI know all too well that governmental injustice and in-your-face corruption have a very long half-life, with no cure in sight.

Anonymous said...

Trump-A 70 year old having a temper tantrum that he mistakenly calls a presidential campaign.

He makes himself and his supporters look foolish at best.

Anonymous said...

As if Hillary hasn't had enough practice addressing Bill's behavior. Pa Lease. She was just waiting for him to say it so she could pounce and good on her.