Tuesday, September 6, 2016

UW budget in play, Robin Vos has another right-wing brainstorm

We've already heard from GOP Assembly Speaker, higher ed expert and popcorn magnate Robin Vos 
Vos robin.jpg
about those stupid sciency professors he wants gone from UW campuses, but now he's got another bright idea for campus life - -  now he's made it clear what kind of guest speakers he wants on those campuses, too.

More conservatives!

With the UW budget surely on the chopping block again, consider it another meddling message delivered with a warning shot from the right.


Anonymous said...

Next they will ask students to pledge their loyalty to the Wisconsin Guvna and GOP.

Anonymous said...

Voss wants to run for Governor, Just more pandering to the base and one ups man to Scooter

Anonymous said...

Maybe Vos should send a list of said speakers to the different departments that sponsor these talks. Or maybe he has no idea who to propose because he is as ignorant as an ant. Different points of view are always being presented at the campuses. He simply wants to bash someone to make himself feel powerful. Unfortunately, ignoring him doesn't make him go away.

Anonymous said...

Gosh -- I don't want to tick of your resident comment cop, but the question does need to be asked: Why doesn't the media accurately report this for what it is?

Perhaps some have accepted that Wisconsin is blanketed in propaganda and this is why an ALEC/Koch tool like Voss can be a "rock star", but there are others that agree there is no positive change in Wisconsin until we take back the media or at least hold them accountable.

We saw Journal Communications & their Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, once a proud set of dailies, run into the ground as largely irrelevant. To avoid financial disaster, the broadcast assets (most importantly WTMJ) and print media were spun off.

Since Gannet/USA Today owns MJS, there is no reason to expect them to do anything but use that paper to promote USA Today -- sadly, the prospects for an improved media environment in Wisconsin are very small indeed.

I respect that many blog and comment on their pet issues and areas of expertise, but it is curious when a self-proclaimed "progressive" flames anyone for bring objective facts to the table about GOP's total control of Wisconsin (and I am not referring to Mr. Rowen -- he regularly models traditional journalism even when he chooses avoid the media's role in flipping Wisconsin red).

Anon 11:21

Walker will run for President in 2020 -- his support for tRump right now is only a charade to position himself as the next "uniter". To ensure he is free to ride his bike and swill cheap beer across America as the candidate "with a wife, 2 kids, and a Harley"' Walker will not run again in 2018.

And the media will tell us that this demonstrates core teabaggin' principals, falsely proclaiming he limited himself to only 2 terms because he is so a business exective-type.

Note to Media: As James pointed out recently, Walker has spent his entire adult life on the public teat.