Thursday, September 29, 2016

Feingold would restore citizen representation for Wisconsin

I wanted to pass along Bill Kaplan's well-reasoned op-ed about replacing incumbent GOP US Senator Ron Johnson with former US Democratic Senator Russ Feingold - - 
Russ Feingold official photo 2.jpg
 - - "a senator for regular folks who deserve economic security." 
Johnson used his Senate perch to bully, grandstand and talk down to former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in his crusade against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He has hysterically railed at the ACA saying: "It (ACA) is the greatest single threat to my (Johnson's) freedom, our freedom." Nonsense. 20 million more Americans, including 224,208 Wisconsinites, now have health care coverage because of the ACA...
Johnson has also suggested ending the corporate income tax, despite the fact that corporations already use tax loopholes to pay low rates. Moreover, Johnson is oblivious to Apple's exporting U.S. jobs abroad, where workers are exploited... 
Unlike Johnson, who voted to "fast-track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Feingold is unequivocally opposed to this unfair trade agreement. Why? The Washington Post Fact Checker said: "The math says trade pact's job creation is zero...." And, Feingold exclaimed: "Senator Johnson has spent five years in Washington, supporting corporations that have sent jobs overseas, particularly by supporting tax loopholes, voting for every bad trade deal that has come along." Feingold would be a senator for regular folks who deserve economic security. 

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