Saturday, September 17, 2016

Walker gets fresh national coverage - - and a curious pass

CNN reports today that Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker is playing the role of Democratic vice-presidential Tim Kaine to help prepare GOP veep candidate Mike Pence for the one and only upcoming vice-presidential debate, but CNN doesn't mention that Walker was at the center of The Guardian's massive document dump about secret, corporate campaign financing.

And CNN did not report that Walker had extended the story while state media added details about campaign donations and sweetheart Wisconsin legislation last week by dodging questions about his role in the fund-raising laid out in the The Guardian's document story of just a few days earlier.

Not all national media was that obtuse: while MSNBC reported on the document dump and US News & World Report said the documents proved the nation's campaign financing laws was broken, but, like CNN, was also willing to report on Walker's debate prep role without giving readers a more complete and timely Scott Walker picture. was willing to give Walker another speculative boost…

Walker is a strong possibility to be the next chairman of the Republican Governors Association, although that is not yet set in stone, party sources said.
So Walker rates national coverage in what is essentially a spot news story because he has can imitate another politician, but not because he has been and continues to be at the center of high-profile, dark-money big picture national news.

Pretty disappointing.


Sue said...

"Pretty disappointing."
But not at all surprising.

Anonymous said...

He was unable to get that type of national coverage for his failed 2016 run, so this is a disturbing development. So he went from #neverTrump to tRump's BFF at rallies, and now to helping fellow Koch-shill prep for debates...

The "tell" that Paul Ryan was going to be fraudulently hoisted on the national stage was in 2011 before the election cycle got started and the national media falsely proclaimed he was a "numbers guy" and "policy wonk". If you were to search the comment from those years, I directly posted here that the blatant media lies promoting Ryan meant he was going to be a major player in the republican plan for '12.

If the Koch's don't get their stooge Pence into the White House as their voice in the next administration, and tRump did say his VP would be in charge of domestic & foreign policy, Walker is doing all the brown-nosing he can to jockey into the nomination in 2020.

It looks like this time, the national media -- controlled by 6 multinational corporations that have no allegiance to America -- may create the kind of media echo-chamber that we have seen across Wisconsin.

Yeah, this comment is multi-paragraph and it is about the media (someone will complain), but it is directly adding to the main theme of an important post by Mr. Rowen. This commenter is in the media business (hence anonymity), and one can use the google to see that I correctly predicted Ryan would be on the GOP ticket in 2012, because of the massive amounts of propaganda that was launched in behalf of a legislature that had previously done absolutely nothing and had a track record of being a dolt.

The media will proclaim Walker is Teflon, flush his current troubles down the memory hole as "old new", and anoint him the great uniter. The only wild-card in this scenario is Jeb Bush, who will be 67 in 2020. Most likely, should tRump lose this year, GOP will want a younger candidate. Besides, Bush isn't doin' the brown-nosing that Walker is.

Anonymous said...

The media is as politically corrupt as our governor and his rich donors. All one needs to do is read the Milw JS. Now they have an editorial praising the moron govs transportation plan. Walker belongs in prison and needs to be sent there soon. We the people need to somehow wrestle our state back from stinking, filthy, corrupt rich people and their stupid pawns.The media has become a pawn.

Anonymous said...

How coincidental. Walker sold his house in Wauwatosa this week too. Setting the table for a move to D.C.?

Bernie Starzewski said...

Walker is eyeing his low approval ratings and Thompson's financial success in taking the HUD job followed by the lobbyist job.
After all he did say that he wanted go get into "the private sector and make some real money!"

The false equivalence of the media is perhaps the greatest failure of the modern age.

Anonymous said...

Walker's highway plan, just another version of sticking to democrat-leaning communities a la Chris Christie, is dangerous and will kill people. 5-plus years of congestion on the states main highways is unconscionable.

So of course MJS has to endorse it to prop up their guy Walker. Coming into Milwaukee most days is frustrating and dangerous - likewise coming in or out via hwy 45. Going west Across Madison is a disaster as is going to Verona and Fitchburg.

First responders cannot possibly get.through these corridors and if Republicans get their way, will not be able to for years now. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel knows this is a politically untenable position, so they are leading the propaganda machine endorsing deadly highway construction delays are sound public policy

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yup. The Kochs and other wingnut welfarw orgs do give nice checks, and there are enough gullible righties out there willing to pay to hear a speech from Gov Dropout.

That 27% credit card won't pay itself, you know