Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Will Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke address his responsibilities here?

Sure, he's busy picking up speaking fees and free guns and reflected glory from right-wing muckety-mucks here and there, but will Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke take off from his goody-bag tour and take responsibility for the death by thirsting of a mentally ill inmate in the Milwaukee County jail? 


geoman7447 said...

Not on your life.! David Clarke believes that punishment and harder punishment is the solution to every social ill.

Anonymous said...

Except for him. Then people are picking on him.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Nah, Tommy's got bigger priorities, like speaking to his fellow goose-steppers at the Trump rally in Waukesha (which last I checked, is NOT in Clarke's jurisdiction).

What, you expect him to actually perform the duties of his 6-figure, taxpayer-funded job, and deal with the responsibilities of the position? HAH!

Anonymous said...

If you believe his story about the airplane incident, how many federal regulations did he violate?

Anonymous said...

I understand that the primary process may not allow the Democratic Party to do much -- however, I am also sure that if they Democratic Party of Wisconsin had a backbone, they would not stand down, give Clarke money and various other types of support, and let him undermine Democrats in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and across America.

The real problem here is that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin does nothing about a loose cannon that is an elected official and doesn't do his job -- he travels around the country at taxpayer expense attacking Democrats!

Even if you accept that they are powerless to prevent a wing-nut run on the primary, those that represent the party do not have the right to make it the laughingstock of the nation.

Blame Clarke all you like -- but he isn't the problem -- the Democratic Party actually stands for little or nothing. If you exploit it for money and election support, they do not care if you make it impossible for other good candidates to win.

Something stinks -- but the stench is not just Clarke. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will not challenge the outrageous antics of Clarke and they certainly could if they had any integrity.

Anonymous said...

Clarke is setting himself up for the remake of "Blazing Saddles." He's not a real sheriff he just plays one. A real sheriff would actually do things that benefit the public. Clarke only does things that garner him media attention. He's not a real sheriff .....he just plays one on T V!