Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oregon Launches Made-And-Banned-In-Wisconsin Trains

These trains were built at the Talgo train works in Milwaukee shut down by Scott Walker and his jobs-killing servants in the state legislature. Worse, they killed an entire industry.

Join us in a celebration
train cab in production
Oregon's Talgo trainset, preparing for move to Colorado 

Our trains have arrived!

On Friday, July 26 at the Eugene Amtrak station, we'll "officially" welcome the state's new 13-car passenger train sets. You're invited to the 2:30 p.m. ribbon-cutting! Get details here.

Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Jefferson take to the rails...

Thanks to everyone who helped us name our new trains: "Mt. Jefferson"and "Mt. Bachelor." Read the news release for more information, and watch for our new Talgo trainsets to join the Amtrak Cascades service soon.

Made in Wisconsin, banned in Wisconsin -- but welcomed to Oregon - - while two other train sets sit in storage in Milwaukee, moth-balled by the ideologues:


Anonymous said...

I hope to vacation in Oregon so I can ride one of these sleek new trains. Sure wish my vacation dollars were being spent here.

Anonymous said...

Hope your high speed train ride doesn't leave the tracks like the one in Spain today. 77 people perished.

Anonymous said...

this is just senseless, Walker is saving tens of millions of dollars to have a service that minimally benefits milwaukee. I built these trains and the spaniards are a shady people. All of this u.s. taxpayer money funneled to spain because they paid off Jim Doyle. Most of the parts didnt even come from america. they lied. and all of that money to keep 25 jobs in milwaukee? ridiculous. high speed trains that cant do half of whats in the brochure. dumb.