Wednesday, April 6, 2016

With Cruz mini-boost, Walker now says he's Favre, Rodgers

Gov. Narcissism is back from his 39% post-presidential campaign bailout, baby! 

Just ask him, as no one would know any better:
Gov. Scott Walker is feeling so good about the role he played in Ted Cruz's victory in Wisconsin that he's comparing himself to two of the greatest quarterbacks in Green Bay Packers' history. 
Walker says Donald Trump's decision to attack his record as governor is like someone going to Lambeau Field and 'taking a whack' at Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers or retired great Brett Favre.
What is is with these Republicans and their fascination with the Green Bay Packers? They have no shame, and Walker has no timing:
On Twitter, David Maraniss fact-checks Donald Trump's 'dubious' claim about observing Vince Lombardi tirade
Then there are the days when Walker compares himself to Ronald Reagan.

And FDR. Seriously.

And in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln.

And at CPAC - - Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

And to Vince Lombardi - - h/t to the Political Heat blog.

What Walker doesn't grasp is you might think these things to yourself, and surely it's nice if other people make such laudatory comparisons to praise you, but level-headed people don't go around and inflate their own importance by making such self-serving linkages out loud.


Anonymous said...

For a man that ran crying away from his short-lived White House bid like a little boy, he sure likes to puff himself up like a he-man.

Wack-job farve probably eats this stuff up, but the better of the 2, Aaron Rodgers, was at a Green Bay Bernie rally.

Anonymous said...

Walker=Tim Tebow

Anonymous said...

No, Walker does not equal Tebow. Tebow is a decent person. favre does not eat up being compared to a low life dirt bag. My guess is both Favre and Tebow would be disgusted by being compared to Walker. Now lets compare Walker to someone similar to him in Packer history. He would have to be a liar, a criminal, a man with no conscience, hmm, the closest I can come up with is Mossy Cade.

The real question we need to ask is how in the heck did Bradley win the SC race. Did people really buy the "letting out a pedophile story"? Were they really so stupid as to think she is way to old by looking at a distorted picture on TV? Do they really think contraception is murder? The list goes on and on, but I have a logical explanation. 40 % of our voters in Wisconsin are too stinking lazy to find the truth. Those 40% can not think for themselves, but rather they listen to the loudest which are the other 14% who voted for the idiot.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Sure, Walker/Cruz may be followed by 48% of the 54% of the state that voted in that GOP primary. But what about the other 75% that live outside of that Bubble?

If Walker's word is such gold, why did Trump win more counties than Cruz in Tuesday? What a self-delusional tool.

Anonymous said...

According to themselves Walker and Sykes are ready for Sainthood. What happened to their quest to take down the Mayor and the County Exec?

MAL said...

Walker is still a joke.

In November, he "re-emerges" with Jeb Bush, .

Eight days after early voting began last week, Walker endorses Cruz.

After Charlie Sykes reveals Trump as a nut.

After the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel blasts Trump.

Then Gov. Pipsqueak endorses Cruz who is smarter but even more extremist than Walker.

Anonymous said...

Almost 2 million total votes in the Supreme Court race (926,000 for Kloppenburg, who lost by 91,000 votes to Bradley's 1,017,083);

1,004,000 total votes in the Dem presidential primary (568,000 for Sanders; 432,767 for HRC) and

1,101,000 total votes in the GOP presidential primary (531,000 for Cruz and only 386,290 for Trump)

which means 183,627 WisGOP voters actually backed the entire array of Republican candidates, including drop-outs like F and Christie, in this Wisconsin primary election?

Is the answer to "the real question" posed by Anonymous @10:20 PM this:

97,000 more Republicans were given the opportunity to vote...thanks to the gutting of the Voting Rights Act (which had been won by nonviolent struggle of African Americans in the 20th Century...

and which was gutted in the 21st Century by Supreme Court of U.S. decision in Shelby v. Holder

and also we had the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 4/4/68

and Walker and las ultra-derechistas?

We cannot protect voting rights and democracy by filing lawsuits, so...what is our strategy?

Chris Walker said...

That time he said he was just like Lombardi too...

James Rowen said...

Good catch. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Those in the national media who now believe Sykes is a role model for decency and civility should be told to Google "Charles Sykes and Liz Woodhouse" and "Charles Sykes and Fred Kessler."

my5cents said...

Anonymous 10:20:
You said, "The real question we need to ask is how in the heck did Bradley win the SC race. Did people really buy the "letting out a pedophile story"?"

From what I have heard too many voters simply voted for their presidential choice and skipped the rest of their ballot. That's exactly how too many people get in office and stay in office because people do not vote.