Friday, April 1, 2016

Walker says he keeps his promises. Data show otherwise

You might have heard Tim Hardin's song "Don't make promises you can't keep," or one of its many covers. 

The lyric - - and maybe some political wag will cover it and change the line to "don't make promises we can track" - - was rolling around in my head this evening as I read some Scott Walker word play about promises and keeping them:

In an interview for the Bloomberg show "With All Due Respect" set to air Friday afternoon, Walker said it would be "a lot easier" for him to support the Republican nominee as he pledged to do if the nominee is Cruz. 
Asked on Friday whether that means he would have a problem supporting another candidate, Walker said, "No, it means just what I said, it makes it a lot easier." 
"I've said before, I've kept my promises on other promises, I would anticipate that," Walker said. "It's just, for a lot of us, it makes it a lot easier if Ted Cruz is the nominee."
But remember his key campaign promise, made over and over again, which he did not keep - - as PolitiFact documented?
Gov. Scott Walker fell short when it came to his top 2010 campaign promise -- that the state would add 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term...
State employers added an estimated 53,400 jobs in 2014, pushing the total for his four-year term to 146,795. That's about 59 percent of the total Walker promised as a candidate...
We declared the jobs Promise Broken in September 2014, when it became clear that it would be mathematically impossible to achieve the promise.
On the other hand, that 59% looks better than the 49% of all promises which PolitiFact's tracking says Walker has kept.

And the funding promised to UWM for new schools which he never budgeted?

Is this grist for another fact-checking, or a headache?

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Walker keeps his promises. All the matters are the media lies that proclaim he does. Scott Walker is a creation of massive media propaganda cast across Wisconsin by a dysfunctional pecking-order of shills.

And who leads them? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Anonymous said...

Telling the same lies over-and-over again so that the lying liars in the media can repeat the lies over-and-over while etching the the lies into the public psyche as self-evident truth sure qualifies as some type of "truth", doesn't it?

I mean, I read it in my newspaper, saw it on the Tee-Vee, and heard it on my car radio...